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I saw this back in the day on VHS.  It had that crazy box that had a button on it that when pushed would blare out “WANNA DATE?” in Patty Mullen / Frankenhooker’s voice.  At the time I thought the movie was fairly amusing, but pretty slight.  I was kind of dreading watching it again, as I just knew that, since I wasn’t particularly impressed with it the first time around, I would probably hate it this go-round.  Surprisingly (to me, at least), I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I expected to.  I actually laughed out loud a few times, especially at Patty Mullen’s bizarro facial quirks and at several of James Lorinz’s off-the-cuff remarks.  Is it stupid?  You betcha–but it’s pretty short and has several attractive women, a couple of better-than-they-deserve-to-be performances, and exploding crack whores. It was co-written by Fangoria magazine’s first editor, Bob Martin.

If you don’t mind watching it with Portuguese subtitles, the whole thing’s on YouTube: