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I saw these the other day at Walgreen’s (or was it Walmart?  Wallpaper Plus?  Walpurgisnacht?) and I had to have them.  I have a major, major jones for anything pumpkin-flavored.  When I lived in Japan, fall was pumpkin-flavored candy time, and they even made pumpkin Pocky, which was so delightful that I bought every box one 7-11 had so that I wouldn’t run out.  The fall = pumpkin flavor thing seems to be catching on in the United States as well, since there are more pumpkin-flavored things this year than I’ve ever seen before.

So, what about these?  Yum.  Or, to paraphrase a Woody Allen line from Annie Hall, yurrm.  I thought that they might have a chocolate outer shell filled with pumpkin-y gooey stuff, but I was wrong.  Instead, they have a wonderfully pumpkin-colored outer shell filled with white gooey stuff.  Oddly enough, the colored shell seems to be white (well, orange) chocolate, while the gooey interior has the pumpkin spice flavor.  In the end, it doesn’t matter.  If you like pumpkin, and you like candy, you’ll probably like this pumpkin-flavored candy.