Apparently, this is where comments go.  I just figured this out myself, after having two people post comments.  I’m really up on certain aspects of my own site!

  1. Chris Slay says:

    Where do you find this art? Stores? Other people’s houses? Galleries?

    • Rob Brown says:

      So far, all the pieces have been found in thrift stores. I’m thinking about hitting up yard sales in the fall as well.

      If you ever see anything that looks like it should be in my collection, send me a picture and let me give it a look. Of course, it’d probably be more fun for you to start your own collection.

  2. Cheryl Andrews says:

    You have had way too much time on yours hands this past couple of weeks. Just kidding. I love the website and laughed out loud at your remarks.

    • Rob Brown says:

      Actually, I’ve taken time away from things I should be doing to write blog posts. But it makes me happy, since I registered for the blog account in February and have just now started blogging. Thanks for the complements!

  3. ok, i’m gonna give this all a look and then i’ll comment on it!

  4. peter the kitty rocks! i cringed when i saw conversate! my pet peeve! middle schoolers use it frequently

    • Rob Brown says:

      I am SUCH a fan of Peter the Kitty! And, while I applaud the deductive reasoning skills that went into forming “conversate,” you’d think that more people would know the correct word.

  5. Randy Bonner says:

    I have all the maddog tapes. He is still rolling!!!

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